What it feels like to make a dream come true:

I condemn my writing. It is my love after my first love. It took its time with me. It held me, and let me cry. It dressed me when I couldn’t dress myself. It wiped my tears when I wanted them to fall. It listened when I was angry. And held the silence when I didn’t speak. Then something changed in my writing. It started to hold my hands and kiss them It held me when I wasn’t crying. Kissed my cheeks when I was happy. And made me fall in love.

I am close to tears at my creativity. I am proud of the woman I’m becoming, and I am proud of the work left to do to get there.

“God is within her, she will not fall.” Psalm 46.5

I am in love with the way you kiss my hands

so sweetly and very soft

and you hold my arm as if I am made of air

as if we are the air that cools the hot skin

as if we are the night that soothes bright eyes


I know when you’re asleep, you’re asleep

but the moments before you are

are precious

cause I can feel you holding me,

even in your sleep

and in the middle of the night

when you turned around I followed

and held you


I want nothing more than to roll to my side and see you

look I’m your eyes and tell you the little bits of my day you haven’t heard yet

I want to lay my head in the crook of your shoulder and sleep even if just for a few minutes

I relished in every moment I spent with you, yet it still was not enough to contain me until we’re together again


As a woman in the workplace there are some things we are not allowed to:

1. Equal pay 20% Less, DEPENDING ON RACE

2. speaking our minds

3. telling the truth

4. being too happy

5. being too angry

6. not being nice

7. telling the man who wants to fuck you “no”

8. being unapologetic

9. be turned away from being touched

The fucking list goes on, we still persist.

This is for the man who said to me “I can’t believe I don’t get to hit that, before you leave”, and anyone else like him.