If I could pick two words to describe myself, I’d say raw and chaotic. Raw in the way I speak and write, and chaotic in the things that I do. I never do things without emotion, and I believe that everything is worth writing about.

This blog is my pride and joy, and I’ll feed it to help it grow. Anything you ever need to know about me is in every piece of my writing. Enjoy reading the words from my soul.


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How I see myself :

I am an unfinished poem, but that’s okay.

I am a complete mess but I’m beautiful. I feel with the strength to tear a city down. I cry enough tears to flood the world. I procrastinate but still push through.

I fight and I yell but I love fiercely. I am the equivalent to a galaxy of stars If I had the opportunity I’d never stop gazing at myself. With everything I’ve been through, I am still here and I will continue to be here.

There are single days where I give up, but I will never quit. It’s hard work to push yourself through heartbreak and big changes. I did that, by myself.

I struggle with being happy, but that’s okay. I struggle with things I cannot control, but that’s okay. I struggle with not being wanted by who I love, but it’s okay. Struggle doesn’t mean defeat. It’s okay because these are not things that will make me quit.

There is work to be done but I am together, and that is how I see myself.



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