I want nothing more than to roll to my side and see you

look I’m your eyes and tell you the little bits of my day you haven’t heard yet

I want to lay my head in the crook of your shoulder and sleep even if just for a few minutes

I relished in every moment I spent with you, yet it still was not enough to contain me until we’re together again


You are NEVER supposed to find content at the door of the one who broke you               You are NEVER supposed to deliver your tears to the one who left you                             And NEVER look for hope in those who have hurt you.


you made me feel warm inside and out

the way i felt with the sun on my skin,

the way you feel when your having fun with your friends,

or when you eat your favorite food after a while

or when you hear your favorite song

that’s the way you made me feel

now everything is gone

there’s been nothing but us for so long

and now we’re gone

today is good, but i feel like dying

I hate the 4th: A Trilogy

This year I hate the fourth of July and the fireworks 
This year all it does is remind me of everything I’ve lost since then¬†

I remember everything I felt on this holiday and if I close my eyes I can feel you right next to me 

but today this is not a good thing and I don’t think it ever was¬†

last year I spent the fourth with you but you were leaving me 

and you stood next to me as I cried under the fireworks , kissing my tears as if you weren’t the reason they were falling¬†

holding me tight as if you didn’t plan on letting go¬†

telling me over and over in my ear, not to cry or worry 

that our future was set 

that my loss was temporary 

now it’s the fourth again and I can barely say your name¬†

I can’t bear to see your face or look into your eyes¬†

today is not a celebration  

game over 

It’s not a fight anymore
you and I
whatever is left it’s all mine
and it is not big enough
it isn’t strong enough to fight for
it’s feeble, we are feeble
we are nothing but the dust on ceiling fans
the little drops of water in a windshield after rain
we are the VCR’s and black and white TV’s
a thing of the past