I know when you’re asleep, you’re asleep

but the moments before you are

are precious

cause I can feel you holding me,

even in your sleep

and in the middle of the night

when you turned around I followed

and held you


I want nothing more than to roll to my side and see you

look I’m your eyes and tell you the little bits of my day you haven’t heard yet

I want to lay my head in the crook of your shoulder and sleep even if just for a few minutes

I relished in every moment I spent with you, yet it still was not enough to contain me until we’re together again

pillow talk

I want to find my ice cream again with you
I want to catch you looking at me like you used to
I want to lay on the floor and look into your eyes
I want to hold your hands to my face and kiss your fingertips
most of all I want to be the love of your life again

With you

I am always naked

with us barriers do not exist

the restraining quality of our clothes

doesn’t phase us

the curves and bumps on our bodies

don’t stop us

not even our bones can break us

this is what you call a soulmate

july 12

i want to be able to call you mine i want to kiss your cheeks and under your eyes 

i want to tuck your hair behind your ears 

i want to be able to kiss you when you cry 

i want to love you more than before 

and call you my..

i want the rest of my life with you