To: Poetry From: Me, I love you

Sometimes I think maybe you won’t love me back

But then something comes to me in the middle of my day and it gives me hope

Sometimes you leave for days but I know now that’s you just letting me rest

But you never hurt me, and you bring nothing but healing

You make me love my hands and the sound of my own voice

And myself and the thoughts that are apart of me

You give everything about me a reason


the artist, the arsonist, and the con

We are a circle

a cycle that never stops

the song that never ends

that one piece of the puzzle that just won’t fit

but we were also the best pumpkin pie

and the perfect cup of coffee

and so I, the artist fell in love with the con

and you schemed me out of all of my love, and then gave it all away

Red velvet cake

i let you pour lies into my body

and they ran over me like silk

and went down my spine

as smooth as milk

and stuck to my hips

so sweetly like honey

and from on then you couldn’t keep your hands off of me

your lips always on my back

your hands stuck to my hips

your eyes told me you wanted me

but your promises never stayed

say it first

C’mon baby do your worst and tell me how much you miss me

Tell me how much she isn’t like me and although you appreciate her she isn’t ME

Tell me again that you “took your happiness into your own hands” when really you just lied

You can do better than that, lie to me.

Tell me that you won’t ever leave me, lie to me.

Tell me how much you wish you missed me but the truth is you actually don’t

Tell me how happy she makes you and that “she’s the best one yet”

Tell me just about anything, cause I’d give anything if I could hear your voice again

More pain

I struggle with a lot of unidentified pain

Constantly questioning myself negatively

Pain of feeling left out or left behind

Lots and lots of pain

How do I fix what I don’t know is broken

in love

young and in love

this is the feeling that people chase

I am so grateful I get to have this and I want it my whole life

pillow talk

I want to find my ice cream again with you
I want to catch you looking at me like you used to
I want to lay on the floor and look into your eyes
I want to hold your hands to my face and kiss your fingertips
most of all I want to be the love of your life again


I am a twig.

If you step on me I will break and you’ll hear a snap.

You may cringe, but you won’t stop walking.

You won’t even look back.

You’ll expect me to be okay, and bury your guilt behind your insecurities.

All the while I am still broken, still snapped.

The sound plays over and over in my head.

Snap snap snap

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