The way men look at me scars me in some ways.

It doesn’t make me feel safe or human, it makes me feel like prey

Like I am the goat and they are the lion, and we are alone.

In the field


How many times do I need to say I’m strong for me to believe it?
Once you believe it you can achieve it, but I can’t break free of what holds me down if I can’t even trust the things that I say.


I sat on the couch crying, and pitying myself. Wishing I could be someone I fooled myself into believing I was. In fact I was that girl. I still am that girl, I can be her. It’s not bullshit when people say that everything you need to complete you is already inside yourself. You just need to be willing to believe it.

Devils lady

You, are the living definition of a devil. “A person who is very clever, energetic, reckless, or mischievous.” Someone who convinces, and connive others into acting against their best interest, or doing things of secret desire. For 5 years, I have let you lead me away from myself. So much so to the point where I feel weak inside when there is separation, or fear of losing you. You hold a strong power, the power of manipulation and you're prone to create addictions in others. I am burning inside of myself because of you. I am trapped inside myself, and I can see me. I can see myself trapped in glass screaming to get out. This love is not voluntary, its familiar. It’s toxic and addictive, and I won’t stop fighting myself until I get rid of it.


You are NEVER supposed to find content at the door of the one who broke you               You are NEVER supposed to deliver your tears to the one who left you                             And NEVER look for hope in those who have hurt you.


you made me feel warm inside and out

the way i felt with the sun on my skin,

the way you feel when your having fun with your friends,

or when you eat your favorite food after a while

or when you hear your favorite song

that’s the way you made me feel

now everything is gone

there’s been nothing but us for so long

and now we’re gone

today is good, but i feel like dying


“To carry a secret is to play with fire, try to pass it on and you risk hurting someone else, hold on to it and eventually you’ll get burned.”

just friends

this time was different.
he kissed me the same

he smiled at me the same
but this time was different

he fucked me the same
he held me the same

he spoke to me the same
yet I feel like I gave away something

That I was supposed to be keeping

pillow talk

I want to find my ice cream again with you
I want to catch you looking at me like you used to
I want to lay on the floor and look into your eyes
I want to hold your hands to my face and kiss your fingertips
most of all I want to be the love of your life again